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Dr. Norrell


Dr. Norrell grew up in Central Illinois. She received her first Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois; a second Bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine and her DVM from the University of Illinois. After graduation, she practiced emergency and crictical care in South Florida.  She returned to Illinois in 2009 for a position as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the U of I College of Veterinary Medicine where she developed and implemented their primary care program before opening her own private practice in Urbana, Illinois. She recently moved back to South Florida to begin work on a state of the art CATS ONLY hospital. She has a special interest in feline internal medicine, endocrinology, emergency and critical care as well as the One Health Initiative.  As a member of the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council, Dr. Norrell has been recognized as a veterinarian who has expertise in finding clues through a thorough medical history and physical examination and understands that many behavior problems are a consequence of feline stress or illness. 


Tim Norrell

Tim is Dr. Norrell's husband and co-owner of the practice.  He is an animal lover and supports the cat friendly mission.  You will see Tim working in many capacities at the practice from assisting in care and treatment to management duties.  Tim has a strong medical background and has served as an EMT in Sarasota county.  


Katie Wiley - Client Relations

Bio and pic coming soon!



Shawna Moreno - Certified Veterinary Assistant

Picture and Bio coming soon 


Dusty - Director of Opurrations

Dusty came to us with over 40 years of experience (cat years). He has a long list of achievements but most impressive is catching the red dot.  His contract had a few strings attached (he played with them for hours). Some of Dusty’s strengths include:

*Thinking outside the box – it’s his – he poops in it. 

*Staying on top of the paperwork (literally) 

*Ensuring safety in the workplace (it only takes nine mistakes to ruin 

  a life).  

When not working, he enjoys listening to meowsic while snacking on Greenies (his favorite song is Three Blind Mice), napping and eating. 


Bug - CEO Medical Meowijuana Program

Bug is a purrrveyor of the highest quality organic catnip on the market and she's not kitten around.  All patients purrrchasing catnibas must have their medical meowijuana card for her review.  Bug is licensed to distribute Meowijuana brand catnip.  (Note...contains NO THC or CBD and not for human consumption - Bug says "cuz DUH!..Why would you smoke catnip??")